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6 Tips for Hosting an Event at Home

With more time at home, limited venue options, and the desire to provide a safe space for guests, many people are moving their parties and dinners to their homes.

Whether you host guests regularly or usually opt for a function space, we have a few tips to help make your next event at home a success!

  1. Choose a theme
    A theme can help guide your whole event, from menu and decor to activities and table settings, making it the first step for any event, no matter the size. If you are having an intimate gathering, that could be a theme in itself. Use candles for soft lighting, bring out the nice crockery and keep things simple. For larger events, some popular themes we have seen are soft romantic, urban jungle, chic minimalism and modern bohemian. If you need help with developing a look and feel for your party, we partner with Print Candy for styling and love what they do!

  2. Confirm your menu
    We may be a little biased, but the highlight of an event has got to be the food! Choosing the right style of food and menu is therefore one of the most important decisions and should be made early. If you are planning an intimate affair a beautiful sit down menu may suit best, while a big event would benefit from a grazing board or canapes. Other considerations might be the time of year and whether you want a fresh summer menu or something hearty and warm for winter. Also consider the prep involved and space you have available, professional party food catering may be a better option for you.

  3. Choose a space and test your layout
    Where will the party be? Is it in your dining room, out on the deck, perhaps you have a gazebo? Define a main event space and test how it will look. This means mocking up the table setting if it’s a dinner party, testing tables and chairs for a gazebo space and putting placeholders for decor and furniture. Doing this a week or two in advance allows you to visualise the set up and decide if anything needs to change for space or aesthetic reasons. It also helps in checking if anything is missing before the day!

  4. Prepare activities
    Even if you don’t think you need them, it doesn’t hurt to have some activities ready to go if guests appear to need a little help mingling or are lacking energy! It could be as simple as a question game like Two Truths and a Lie, or a full set up like giant Connect 4 or a murder mystery.

  5. Have a Plan B
    Bad weather, something not arriving in time, a lack of RSVPs – there’s so many things that can impact your event. Rather than be left figuring out how to pivot, make sure you have backup preparations for common problems. If you are having your event in the backyard, how can you move it inside? If there is a chance fewer people will show up, do you have a smaller space ready? If that punch bowl doesn’t arrive, how else can you serve your signature cocktail? A successful party is all about being prepared so you can enjoy the party as much as possible.

  6. Give yourself time
    Hosting a party at home shouldn’t be stressful! You should be able to enjoy it as much as your guests. So, make sure you have lots of time to prepare the day before or the day of the event and don’t be afraid to delegate. Organising professional home catering or a stylist can lift some of the burden. Rope in a few friends as well and once the event begins, you can focus on enjoying it.

Hosting an event at home can be just as rewarding as booking a venue and has many benefits. If you need help with your private event catering, give us a call! We would love to be part of your next event.