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Let's get stylish!

Theming can bring your party to life and turn your average cheese table or serving station into an elegant and visual masterpiece full of colour and variety.

By pairing up with our preferred Event Stylist, Print Candy, we are able to offer a beautifully presented Tasmanian Oak Minimalist Tables including elegant tableware, serving platters, risers, foliage and luxe d├ęcor. Various table and display options are paired with decorative detail to build and design unique themed buffets and grazing stations so as to offer you and your guests a colourful and varied feast for your eyes, while adding a point of difference to your party.

Imaging a table rich in layers, height, texture and flavours. Our fanciful arrays of styled trays and tables are laden with gourmet food. The menu option for this service is a culinary journey offering sophisticated and sumptuous five-star food.