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Why Your Wedding Food Selection is Your Most Important Decision

There are a thousand decisions involved in planning a wedding. But perhaps the most important decision of all is your wedding food.

Even if your wedding has been postponed due to COVID-19, getting food organised early is essential.


When you think about weddings you have attended, what is the thing that comes to mind first? Aside from the blushing bride, it is more often than not what you ate! You can guarantee your guests will be talking about the food, both during the event and afterwards. People see weddings as special events and look forward to being spoilt with delicious cuisine. This doesn’t mean your wedding menu needs to be expensive or over the top, we think the importance should be on delicious, filling fare that suits your event and will keep your guests energised and excited!

Decisions, Decisions

With so many wedding menu options available to suit whatever you’re going for, it is crucial to consider what will fit best for your special day. Do you want canapes or grazing boards while you are getting photos taken, with full meals to follow, or do you want your menu to be all about little nibbles throughout your wedding reception to encourage mingling? What suits your theme? What will create the best atmosphere for you and your guests?

Another important consideration when planning your menu is accommodating for your guests needs which includes any dietary requirements. Whether it’s allergies or offering vegan options, getting this right will contribute to both your guests happiness and yours!

DIY vs In-House vs External Wedding Catering

Another decision to make is who will create and serve your food. If you’re really brave, you may want to Do It Yourself but consider the work involved with this option and if it is really achievable. Alternatively, your venue may offer wedding catering services but keep in mind your options may be limited to what they can create.

Our specialty and preference is to have an amazing external caterer create amazing culinary delights to make your wedding day perfect. This is where our experienced and innovative Dish Catering team come in! Hiring a wedding food caterer who solely focuses on your food means you can customise the menu to exactly what you want, what your guests need and you benefit from a team with specific experience and skills in making sure your menu is talked about, for all the right reasons!

So, don’t delay planning and booking your wedding menu selections. We recommend organising early to get the most important decision locked down! If you need a wedding caterer on the Gold Coast or wedding catering in Brisbane, plan your menu with our Custom Menu Builder or call us to get started today.