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We've updated our serving dishes

Dish introduces stylish plates, bowls and platters for all of its canapè, stand up and grazing events which are totally biodegradable.

Used by Michelin star chefs throughout Europe these stylish dishes are perfect for elegant parties or weddings and for standing or seated events. The small plate is suitable for desserts or canapès, medium is a perfect lunch or entree size and the large plate is popular as a dinner plate or for antipasti. Light to hold and come in beautiful designs with their own little handle. Then you can dispose of the used plates in the compost or landfill, knowing that within a few hours they will have started breaking down without releasing any harmful gases or toxins.

The dishes are made from premium bagasse (sugarcane fibre). The product line is of professional grade and can withstand high temperatures in combi-ovens as well as colder degrees in refrigerators and freezer units. They delivers every time and exceeds expectations with its eye-catching design and value offer that complements every chefs’ creation. Sugar cane, the material the plates are made of and “Drops” for their elegant and feminine shape. The product line was designed by a Dutch designer in close cooperation with top chefs to meet their specific needs and desires. 

The dishes are made from organic, renewable sources using methods that minimize waste from production and reuse resources as much as possible. As little fossil/non-renewable resources as possible are used, no chemicals or toxins are added and recycling uses are found for everything that can’t be used and use of water and energy is monitored and constantly improved. All the products can be processed as organic waste and are completely compostable.